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Adam Forster - Arborists

Arboricultural Services

Through a combination of 3 years at college, on the job training, & experience, I have acquired an impressive set of skills.

Tree Clearance & Removal - The complete felling & removal of diseased, damaged or inconvenient trees, while this should always be looked on as a final option it is possible from ANY situation where local by-laws & TPOs allow.  This work can be carried out on my own or with a team of other dedicated professionals.

Pruning, reshaping & Improving - Far preferable to the removal of a fully grown tree is the pruning or reducing of it.  This can often remove the need to fell a tree that is taking light from your garden or overshadowing your sun room.  Re shaping can be anywhere from a minor trim to a full pollarding.  Please feel free to contact me for further details.

Timber work / Forestry -  As well as working on my own, I enjoy working in a team.  If you are looking for “hired help” while undertaking larger scale Forestry work, I would be happy to discuss this with you.